Negative or Side or Adverse Effects of 5 Panel Drug Test


5 panel drug tests are highly required. Through this test THC, Benzoylecgonine, PCP and methamphetamines/amphetamines in urine, blood, saliva,etc. can be detected.

Type of 5 Panel Drug Test
There are several others drug test like 7 panel drug test, 4 panel drug test, 10 panel drug test. In the case of 7 panel drug test the test will be done on 7 drugs, if it is 4 panel drug tests then the test will be done on 4 drugs. But 5-panel drug tests are standard procedure for the organizations.
Negative effects of Drug Tests
Drug Test 5 Panel has following negative effects:
• Dry Mouth: Most of the marijuana users suffer from this situation due to the absence of saliva production. But is possible to fight with this. Consumers can chew gums which help to increase the saliva productivity level.
• Sleepiness: Many users suffer from sleepiness or drowsiness after consuming marijuana. It decreases blood pressure also. Regular users can fight against it.
• Appetite increases: It is one of the common effects of marijuana users. Soon after having the drug they have a strong feeling of food craving. This food craving can be reduced during chemotherapy.
• Short term memory: This is another negative effect of these drug users. They suffer from a short memory symptom.
• De -motivation: Frequent users suffer from this negative effect too. During research, it has been seen that consumption of the drug can result in decreased level of dopamine which is responsible for motivation.
• Depression: Marijuana users face the problem of depression. It has been seen that teenage are affected mostly.
• Addiction: This drug is an addictive one. Regular users face difficulty at the time of withdrawal.
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