How planters plant turmeric

To grow the turmeric that will be used to get ultra pure turmeric, there are so many instructions to follow in this line. Planters have to find a way of choosing juicy and fresh rhizomes in order to prepare for cultivation and they also have to put into consideration the appropriate site to use for the planting, so that the plants can grow well.

After planting some few clumps in the garden, little time is used for the preparation, for large number of yield, one has to cultivate it on ridges that are like 30 to 45 cm distant from each other. The kind of soil to be used for the planting should be a soft type that is fertile enough to sustain the plant. It should be drained well. The turmeric plant has been found to be able to survive well on soils that have many muck tons, also about 300-400kg of phosphate should be used or found on a hectare.

The rhizomes of the turmeric should be planted to like 6cm deep, after this planting, the shoot will start appearing after like 5 days to a week, if one takes care of it properly. The fact that the plant is solely grown because of the rhizomes, planters do not allow the leaves to grow up well before they make use of it. Some even trim off the leaves to make the rhizomes grow out well. Until the leaves of the turmeric plants starts turning yellow and falling off themselves, one has to leave the plant to continue to grow. After the leaves fall off and start turning yellow, then the planter can harvest the clump. Gardeners dig out rhizomes and leave the plants to use for cropping later. It is after this that the processing for ultra pure turmeric starts, the value of the rhizomes is so much, and the flower also can beautify the house.